Twitter adds thread tools to help you craft epic tweetstorms

Compose your diatribes without leaving readers hanging.

Multi-part tweetstorms are a staple of Twitter, for better or worse, and the social network wants them to be as easy to write as possible. After months of testing, it's adding a thread feature that simplifies creating and posting a series of tweets. The composer now includes a "plus" button that lets you tack on additional tweets, with whatever you've written before still visible to help guide your train of thought. And when you're ready, you can post everything at once -- no more leaving people hanging while you write the conclusion to your thrilling saga. You can add posts after the fact if you need to write an epilogue.

The feature is rolling out to Android, iOS and web users over the "coming weeks," so don't worry if you don't have it right away.

Between this and the recently expanded 280-character limit, it could be all too easy to go overboard. Wouldn't it be better to write a Medium post if you're crafting a lengthy narrative? And of course, many will point out that Twitter is offering blog-length writing tools and still won't let you edit tweets if you make a mistake. With that said, this is likely to be both welcome and overdue. Some of Twitter's most valuable users are the ones who post long threads discussing political policy or social issues, and they now have a more straightforward way of sharing their ideas.