Patreon nixes controversial fee increase amid backlash

However, many creators have already been hurt by the decision.

Patreon CEO Jack Conte announced today that the modern-day patronage system will not be implementing the controversial fee changes that it announced last week. While the service will still work to fix the issues it was trying to correct with the addition of new service fees, it will do so with creator input in the future.

We took an in-depth look at why this change was bad for both creators and patrons. Patreon was previously proposing adding a 2.9 percent plus 35 cent fee per pledge. This was to cover a shift in the processing model, which would charge supporters each pledge individually, rather than once per month as a lump sum. It would disproportionately affect smaller pledges; many creators have already taken a hit as a result of the announcement.

Patreon is aware of this, and promises to work hard to earn back its users' trust. Conte acknowledges that, in proposing this change, Patreon underestimated the value of small pledges, and that the team needs to build a better system that doesn't punish people who pledge small amounts. Additionally, Patreon inserted itself into the creator/supporter business relationship, which was a mistake. While there are likely more changes in the future at Patreon, we can hope the service has learned from this experience and will take its users' opinions into account before it rolls out modifications.