Send Santa your Christmas gift requests on Link’s WiFi kiosks

Reserve that Nintendo Switch with St Nick.

For the second year running, LinkNYC is giving you a direct line to Father Christmas. Just track down a WiFi kiosk (there's over 1,200 scattered across all five New York boroughs, so it shouldn't be hard), and use the new app on the built-in tablet to get in touch with the big man himself. Of course, Santa's too busy to reach the phone (what with Christmas a week away), so you'll have to settle for his answering machine. But, maybe one of the minions he has manning the phone lines will pass along your last minute gift request. The Santa hotline is open to Brits this year, too, via the InLink kiosks in London and Leeds. And, if the kids want to monitor their inbound gifts, there's always Google's Santa Tracker app -- that's if you can tear them away from snapping elfies.