Tidal launches app for Apple and Android TVs

A convenient update for those who want to watch videos on a bigger screen.

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Today, Tidal launches its Tidal TV app, allowing subscribers to use the streaming service on their Apple TVs and Android TVs. The app's "Home" section displays recommendations and popular concerts, livestreams, music videos, albums and podcasts. And users can curate their own "My Collection" section, which can house all of their favorite content.

Tidal also recently made its service compatible with Apple's CarPlay and integrated direct control for Sonos speakers. While all of these features may have come a little later than they did for users of rival Spotify, it's good Tidal is developing them now since rumor has it the company has only six months worth of cash left. Anything that can draw in or retain users will be good for the company.

The Tidal TV app works with fourth generation or later Apple TVs and any Android TV. It's available now.

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