Garmin's new Vivofit lasts for a year with an always-on color display

Even though it still lasts over a year between charges.

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It's hard to stand out in the fitness tracker world when you can easily cover the fundamentals at a very low price. Garmin, however, is trying its level best. It just launched the Vivofit 4, which combines an always-on color display with its predecessor's claimed year-long battery life. You can now check your activity goals or the time without having to either wake up the screen, kill your battery or settle for a drab monochrome display. Logically, the band includes Garmin mainstays like Move IQ automatic activity detection and the Connect online community to get you motivated.

The biggest deal for many might just be the price of the new band, which is available on Amazon today. Garmin has lowered the price again, dropping the Vivofit 4 to $80/£70 where its ancestor cost $100. Accessory bands are available between $20/£18 to $30/£28. That doesn't quite bring the Vivofit to impulse purchase territory, but it's now inexpensive and feature-laden enough that it's easier to justify over a more advanced fitness watch or a smartwatch.

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