Snapchat Stories may be coming to the web

Stories Everywhere would let you share your clips outside of the app.

Snapchat may have a new way to fight Facebook's me-too efforts: make Stories available beyond its mobile app. A Cheddar source has claimed that Snap is working on Stories Everywhere, which (surprise) would make Stories available on the web and other apps. It's reportedly in the early stages, but there would be an embedded web player that would encourage you to download the Snapchat app. It's not certain when the feature would be available.

Snap has declined to comment.

There's no shock as to why this might happen. As with Twitter's support for embedding tweets, it'd be about exposure. The more you see Snapchat's content online, the more likely you might be to use Snapchat or at least watch its content -- important when the social service is struggling to attract new users. Facebook and Instagram don't offer embedded stories, so Snapchat could have the edge. With that said, this could be a short-lived advantage. Facebook is well-known for quickly imitating the Snapchat features it wants to use, so Snap may not want to bet on Stories Everywhere for a comeback.