Marvel wants to help you make comics, just leave out the farts

And the politics, social issues, or killer bees.

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If you've ever wanted to make your own comic but don't quite have the skills to draw one, Marvel and Tap Tap Comics have a solution. Called Marvel: Create Your Own, the new app will let you choose a Marvel character, pose them on various backgrounds and then fill in the story via speech bubbles. The service isn't available right now, but you can sign up to be notified when it is.

Once you've created your comic masterpiece, you can then share it to an online community of Marvel fans. Of course, with this great power comes some rather odious terms of use, as noted by io9. The comics you make and share will be owned by Marvel and Tap Tap, and you can't include content or topics that, let's face it, many wannabe comic makers are going to want to include. The terms of use state that you can't create things with content that might frighten or upset young children (or their parents), double entendres, sensationalism (killer bees, gossip, aliens — have they ever read a comic?), obscenity or "noises related to body functions" (farts are funny, ok?), politics, or "Other controversial topics (social issues, etc.)."

Chances are good that most of us are going to want to create a comic that breaks all those rules in just a few panels, of course. Still, it's pretty great that Marvel is allowing us to play with these characters on the internet. If you really need to make Hulk fart jokes, you can just avoid uploading it to the community site.

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