OnePlus 5 beta adds the 5T's Face Unlock feature

Your slightly older phone now has a cutting edge feature.

OnePlus really didn't waste any time fulfilling its promise of bringing the 5T's Face Unlock feature to the original 5. The smartphone maker has rolled out an OxygenOS beta that lets OnePlus 5 owners sign in with a quick glimpse at their phone, just like those with newer handsets. This isn't a stable release, so you probably don't want to install this if you can't afford to deal with glitches, but it beats waiting weeks into 2018 to give the feature a try.

As before, Face Unlock isn't strictly secure -- it's not using depth sensors, iris scanning or other methods that reduce the chances of someone fooling the system. This is about convenience more than anything else. OnePlus doesn't pretend otherwise, though, and it's good to see a tentpole feature coming to a not-so-current device.