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Fove starts shipping its eye-tracking VR headset

Fove's Kickstarter backers can expect to get theirs soon.

Fove, a successful Kickstarter project, was supposed to release its VR headset way back in early 2016. Unfortunately, it encountered difficulties sourcing components and had to delay the device's shipments. Now, the company has finally begun shipping the virtual reality device, which tracks not only your head but also your eyes. By following your eyeballs' movements, it can emulate how you see the real world -- it sure created a realistic experience when we tried it out -- and prevent motion sickness.

Fove accepted more pre-orders in November, but the first units will head to the homes of its earliest supporters and Kickstarter backers. You can still buy the headset from its website for $599, but you'll have to wait a bit to get it: units purchased now won't ship out until February.

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