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ICYMI: CES brings smart brush, remote, fridge and odd cyborg

If you want to pay $200 for a smart hairbrush, that’s your business.

Today on In Case You Missed It: If you were looking for things to make your home life easier, you might need a camera that takes a photo of the inside of your fridge every time it is opened. Then you'll always know if someone drank the last of the milk and didn't tell you. You can check the photos in the app to see what you're out of and even get push notifications when your food is about expire (if you first manually add that information in). The FridgeCam by Smarter will cost $149.

If outfitting your dumb fridge isn't your thing but you already have Philips Hue lights or Sonos speakers, you should know about the universal remote by Sevenhugs. You can point to anything and adjust it, but the most interesting feature might be setting locations around your house, like that big weird plant in the corner being the place you point your remote to hail an Uber.

The rest of you can roll your eyes along with me over the $200 smart hair brush, even if it's fun to play with. Personally, because it's my fifth International CES, I was expecting a Rosie to brush my hair for me by this point, but I suppose this is one step closer.

I don't know the deal about the CES cyborg; please tell me if you do. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd. And click here to catch up on the latest news from CES 2017.

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