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Sony's $25K projector fulfills the dream of putting a screen anywhere

The VPL-VZ1000ES brings its Life Space UX project from fantasy to merely ridiculously high-end.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
01.04.17 in AV

Sony has shown off pricey Life Space projectors at CES before, but this short-throw model is the first to bear its high-end ES label. Like other short-throw projectors, this one is made to project a large (100-inch) image on a wall from as close as 6 inches. That kind of capability means it can blend into a room instead of requiring a dedicated home theater. It will require dedication from your budget, however, thanks to its staggering $25,000 price tag. Naturally, it is 4K and HDR compatible and will go on sale in April.

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