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BMW and Nissan launch 174 new dual-plug EV chargers in the US

They plan to launch 50 more chargers this year.

Nissan LEAF and BMW i3 owners now have a lot more charging stations they can go to. The automakers have expanded their dual-format fast-charging network, adding 174 stations to their current crop with the help of eVgo. These 174 stations spread across 33 states offer dual 50 kW DC chargers that support both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS) connectors. They can charge not just LEAFs and i3s, but also other electric vehicles, so long as they're equipped with quick-charge ports. Nissan says the 50kW stations only need around 30 minutes to bring EVs up to 80 percent of their full capacity.

LEAF owners can look for these new stations through Nissan's EZ-Charge smartphone app, while i3 owners can use their car's ConnectedDrive. But since they're located near shopping and dining establishments, as well as frequently traveled routes, they're bound to come across the new chargers every without the apps' help. In order to better compete with Tesla and its Superchargers, Nissan and BMW are planning to add 50 more fast-charging stations this year.

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