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The Public Access Weekly: Working man blues

Amber Bouman

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Y'all, it has been a busy week here in the Engadget community. There is just a ton of stuff happening behind the scenes (more on that next week), and there are a few dozen articles in the queue, and over a hundred registrations awaiting approval, and several emails that need some urgent responses, and some exciting upcoming stuff we're looking to roll out, and some not exciting details that need to be attend to, and I've been sick so this is essentially what the week has looked like in GIF form:

Except less calm, and with more Kleenex.

So let's dive right in:

Looking for something to read? Check out:

Claire Jones took some time to list all the real-life tech wearables that could (hypothetically) turn you into a member of the illustrious X-Men via developments like GeckSkin and bionic lenses. There still aren't any available developments into teleportation so I guess I'm still out of luck though.

Meanwhile, Emily Chi dives into the AR vs VR hubbub by discussing the available games, developing technologies and hardware releases for each platform.

Lastly, Eric Puller gives us his review of Super Mario Run complete with details on features and game play, deeming it a "must-have" for Nintendo fans.

Looking for something to write about? Mull over:

Those who were looking forward to seeing the "build your own battle bot" game demo for Project Giant Robot become a full-fledged Wii U game were dealt a heady hand of disappointment this week when the game was scrapped. Which led us to wonder, which cancelled gadget or game or tech product has been the most disappointing to you?

Sean Buckley recent attended SCRAP's Defenders of the Triforce escape room experience to see what it was like to play the Legend of Zelda in real life -- and found it fun, but not quite what he expected. While some may consider real life Zelda too 'geeky' an activity for adults, it doesn't seem any worse than your average bar trivia night to me. Anyhow, it's confession time: What is the 'geekiest' thing you do?

There's been a lot written about Facebook, fake news, clickbait, "fake news" and web content lately so it was way past time to ask you: What's the solution to fake news and fake content on the web?

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