Quirky Wii U game 'Project Giant Robot' has been cancelled

Miyamoto's build-your-own Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot game has left the building.

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Will Lipman, Engadget
Will Lipman, Engadget
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last Nintendo-made game for the Wii U after all. If you were holding onto hope that the quirky Project Giant Robot would still grace the system, it was in vain. As Polygon reports, the build-your-own battle-bot demo has been scrapped and won't see the light of day. A representative said that the decision was made "after considering our overall product and development strategy."

Considering that Nintendo showed the game off to press exactly once back in 2014 and it hasn't been seen since, this probably shouldn't come a much of a surprise. When we got a chance to check it out, Anthony Agnello said that it felt incredibly shallow and would seem out of place even in mini-game collections like Nintendo Land and Wii Play.

"Even if it were just a mini-game attached to a larger collection, Miyamoto's Project Giant Robot experiment would feel thin. Funny, as quickly silly as a round of Duck Hunt, but thin."

Maybe this isn't too tragic a loss then.

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