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Yahoo can scan your emails to tell you who's calling

Surprisingly cool new features almost make Yahoo Mail worth using.
Tom Regan, @grapedosmil
02.15.17 in AV

Yahoo has added two new features to its Mail app, helping users both easily identify phone numbers linked to email contacts and instantly sync photos from their camera roll to their desktop mailbox. The first new addition to Mail -- imaginatively named Caller ID -- recognizes familiar numbers, matching them to their corresponding email contact information. Conveniently, enabling the feature also updates previously dialed numbers in your call history, even adding in the contact info as you dial a recognized number.

The second new addition is called Photo Upload. Once enabled, Yahoo instantly adds your phone's camera roll photos to your desktop Mail account, allowing you to search for specific snaps using its new image recognition technology. With the software promising to recognize landscapes, searching for words like "beach" or "snow" on the desktop app should bring up the relevant photos. Thankfully, these photos will only be viewable by you and the intended sender. Well, assuming your account doesn't get hacked again, anyway.

Both features are available on iOS and Android now, with users able to enable each update in the Mail app's settings. Out of all the companies expected to bring new innovations to an email app, it's fair to say that the sensible money wasn't on Yahoo. With the company recently stopping all users from even forwarding on emails and even restricting users who had ad-blockers its email service is hardly known for its cutting-edge new updates. Still, with iOS already incorporating email information into caller ID and both iOS and Android providing cloud-photo syncing services, these additions are unlikely to have a wide-reaching impact.

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