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ICYMI: Bulletproof origami shields and hoverbikes

Who needs flying cars when we have floating motorcycles?

Today on In Case You Missed It: Finally, the best part of Return of the Jedi is becoming a reality. Hoversurf Inc. is building actual hoverbikes for folks to ride. Well, not right away. It'll be a few years before you can buy one. But at least we can start saving all your nickels and dimes for a time when we can go barreling through the Redwoods like Luke and Leia.

Meanwhile researchers at Brigham Young University have created an origami-inspired bulletproof shield for law enforcement. The 55 pound foldable cover has 12 layers of Kevlar, deploys in five seconds and can currently stop bullets from handguns like the .357 Magnum. Not bad for a prototype.

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