Piloted hoverbike redefines 'dangerous'

One false move and you'll lose a leg.

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Good news: a private company has developed a manned hoverbike you might have a chance of owning one day, instead of something destined for the military or the corporate crowd. Only... you may want to take a pass on this one. Hoversurf has teased an electric quadcopter bike that offers both automated and manual control. It's marketed as safe thanks to "state of the art flight controllers" that keep checks on parameters like altitude and speed, and those are no doubt true. But, well, look at it -- you're one jolt away from losing your legs to those unprotected blades. And did we mention how easy it would be to fall off with that unrestrained, motorcycle-style seating?

It's not clear when you'd have a crack at the Scorpion-3, let alone how much it'll cost; Hoversurf only mentions that wants the vehicle to be an "accessible" amateur flier. As such, it's entirely possible that the design could change before launch to allay safety concerns. Until then, though, it's a well-meaning idea that's clearly built more for daredevils (or at least, the very well insured) than the average person. We'll stick to terra firma for now.

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