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UberEats and Volvo think riders might want a backseat dinner

Tokyo's 'All-Star Restaurant' is inside a moving sport utility vehicle.

Tokyo might be known for its plethora of restaurants, but the beleaguered UberEats service and Volvo have put a brand new one in the backseat of a moving SUV. A partnership between the Swedish automaker, Uber and Iron Chef Yukio Hattori called the "All-Star Restaurant" is currently rolling around Tokyo, literally delivering a multi-course menu of dishes to riders in an XC90 Excellence luxury SUV.

The service launched on March 14th, Autoblog notes, and the dishes come from a range of different cuisines and high-end restaurants around the city. The twist on the usual UberEats order is that they're served to you while you're buckled up in Volvo's top-of-the-line sport utility vehicle and being whisked around the capital of Japan, rather than coming to your door while you're laying around on the couch in your sweatpants and overloading on Netflix. Here's hoping your driver doesn't revolt in the middle of the soup course.

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