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Google's Home speaker could soon support multiple accounts

A note in the Home app suggests it'll be patched in shortly.

One of the biggest problems with Google Home is the lack of mulit-user support. If you're the only person that uses the smart speaker, there's no problem, but for families and other house-sharing groups it's a real nuisance. Ask the Assistant to create a new calendar appointment, for instance, and it might go into someone else's diary. Thankfully, it sounds like Google has been working on the problem and will soon be rolling out an update. A message in the Google Home app says "multiple users are now supported," even though the functionality isn't live just yet. (Boo.)

In theory, Google Home would recognise your voice and immediately switch over to your preferred Google account. That means it could instantly leverage your Google-related data -- your schedule, emails, and playlists, for instance -- without you having to dig into the Home app and manually switch. User recognition would also stop other people from accidentally messing with your preferences by conversing with the Assistant while you're out of the room. We'll keep you posted on the roll-out -- it's possible Google has enabled the message too early, and an update is still a ways off, but we suspect it'll be here sooner rather than later.

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