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Microsoft's lie-flat Surface Arc mouse is a new take on an old formula

It's a refinement of Microsoft's signature eye-catching mouse design.

Microsoft didn't just limit its latest hardware introductions to the Surface Laptop -- there's a new (if familiar) mouse as well. The Surface Arc Mouse is an evolution of the well-established Arc Touch Mouse that takes advantage of several years of progress. Most notably, it's what you don't see that matters. The new Bluetooth peripheral still has that eye-catching, travel-friendly design that snaps flat for stowing in your bag, but there are no distinct left and right buttons, or even a scroll strip. Instead, a monolithic touch-sensitive button handles all those functions.

You can pre-order the mouse for $80 in blue, burgundy and gray colors that complement the Surface Laptop. Early purchases should ship by June 15th, so you can expect to get it alongside Microsoft's latest PC if you're buying both at once. Is that fairly expensive for a mouse without any special tricks up its sleeve? You bet. However, Microsoft clearly wants you to see this more as a good match for its hardware than something that goes toe-to-toe with the latest mice for gamers and power users.

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Photos by Edgar Alvarez.

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