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GE's futuristic Alexa lamp accepts your voice commands in style

The C by GE Sol looks like something out of a sci-fi film.

Amazon's Alexa, the voice-controlled platform that powers the company's own Echo line, continues to gain support from third-party manufacturers. The C by GE Sol is the latest product to embrace the technology, in the form of a table lamp that looks straight out of a sci-fi film. GE actually announced the device December of last year, but now it's finally starting to take pre-orders. As a refresher, the C by GE Sol features a circular LED light and, most importantly, doubles as a hands-free voice assistant and Bluetooth speaker. GE is letting early adopters pre-order the Sol for $160 right now, with units expected to ship in September. If you decide to wait until it hits stores, it'll cost you $200.

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