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ICYMI: World's largest wind farm gets rolling

It produces so much wind power that Storm is jealous of its ability.

Today on In Case You Missed It: Danish power company Dong Energy (yes, really) has started up the world's largest wind farm in Liverpool Bay. The farm consists of thirty-turbines in total, with each standing more than six stories tall and capable of producing eight megawatts of power. A single revolution of the massive 262-foot long blades can reportedly produce enough power to support a household for twenty-nine hours. The new farm has twice the capacity of the original Burbo Bank structures in the farm, and the turbines themselves are cheaper to both build and maintain even despite their size.

Meanwhile, Microsoft's Research department has recently move AR and VR innovation forward with the development of a near-eye holographic experience that delivers monoscopic pictures via a pair of standard-shaped eye glasses. The electronics portions of the device still need to be housed on the exterior, however, all the necessary mirrors and the liquid crystal on silicon are contained inside the frame itself. While this is far from a final solution, it does get us one step closer to having a holographic display on a headset that is comfortable enough to be worn long term -- something that could be useful for a variety of purposes in medical, software and technology fields.

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