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T-Mobile launching its flexible 'Digits' plan on May 31st

Multiple lines on one phone? Multiple phones with one number? Totally up to you.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

T-Mobile has been working on a new type of multi-number, multi-device phone service. Digits, one of the company's UnCarrier moves, is now through beta testing and ready to launch at the end of the month.

Digits allows customers to seamlessly use their phone number for messaging and calls across a number of devices including phones, tablets, and computers. This type of service has already been available to Apple device users, but T-Mobile is taking it a step further.

Along with streamlined messaging, Digits also allows you to use more than one number on a given device. So, rather than carrying around different phones for personal and work use, you can have more than one number on the same device. You can also have the same number on different devices, meaning you can get rid of that ancient landline and have your home number on every one of your family members' phones.

All current T-Mobile customers will have their numbers upgraded to Digits on May 31st and they'll be able to purchase an additional Digits line for $10 per month. Customers with a T-Mobile One Plus plan will be able to get an additional Digits line for free for a limited time.

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