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Google's latest addition to Allo is custom GIFs of your face

No desktop client yet, but hey, more GIFs are always welcome, right?

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It seems like Google hopes tickling your funnybone will keep its Allo chat app installed on your phone. The latest update adds selfie clips so you can add a personalized touch to your responses. Essentially, they're just looped GIFs made from a video of whatever's in front of your phone's camera. Allo's head of product Amit Fulay tweeted the info out earlier today, including the GIF below. In the thread, Fulay says that the update is available to all users. Now, it's worth noting that this sort of thing has been available via Giphy Cam before, but it being built directly into Allo (among the recent slew of updates) suggests that Google isn't giving up on its latest chat app just yet.

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