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Facebook Albums will store any kind of status update

The changes started rolling out today on the web and on Android.
Erkan Mehmet / Alamy

Next time you create a Facebook album for a trip or an event, you can toss everything in there for posterity, not just photos and videos. That means if you posted a text-only status update or checked-into a hotel, a theme park, a resto, a tourist spot or anywhere else, you can add them all to the album for that specific outing. According to TechCrunch, Facebook has already begun rolling out the changes to the web and to Android devices. We have no exact date for iOS, but the new features will apparently be available for iPhones and iPads "soon."

In addition to being able to compile and categorize pretty much every kind of status update, you can now choose a "featured" album to display on your profile. If you have friends who go on crazy adventures, you can follow theirs to get notified about their latest escapades. But if you went with them on those adventures, you can all collaborate on a single album now that Facebook has made the process easier -- all you have to do is toggle the option on when you create a new one.

With these changes, you can tell a fuller and more compelling story with each and every folder in your collection. The social network is clearly aiming to turn creating and maintaining albums a more interactive and personal experience, probably as a way to compete with its youth-focused rivals like Snapchat.

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