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'Madden 18' story mode looks a lot like 'Friday Night Lights'

It recounts your quest to make the NFL draft.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
06.10.17 in AV

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The rumors were true: EA is bringing FIFA 17's story mode to the realm of American football. EA has revealed that Madden 18 will include a Longshot campaign that sees you fill the cleats of Devin Wade, a "forgotten prospect" hoping to make the cut in the NFL draft. From the early glimpse, it's akin to every football movie and TV show you've ever seen, complete with big name actors: There's fatherly drama (Moonlight's Mahershala Ali), the loyal best friend (appropriately, Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter) and even real-world legend Dan Marino serving as a mentor.

EA has yet to dive into the specifics of how the story will work, although FIFA will likely serve as a good benchmark. However it works, it's safe to say that EA sees the story mode as a way of keeping its sports titles relevant. Even if you're not interested in roster updates or gameplay mechanic tweaks, you might be more likely to snap up the next game in a series just to see the next plot twist.

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