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'Dragon Ball FighterZ' is a lavish 2D fighter coming to Xbox One

Mixing 3D and 2D graphics, Goku and friends have never looked better.
Microsoft, Xbox

If you loved the visual style of the Naruto: Ultimate Storm series, or just carry a childhood fascination with the Dragonball series (still!), Dragonball FighterZ might be for you. Three-on-three battles, powered-up final forms, insane projectiles and energy beams are just the start. Notably the game going back to two-dimensional beat-em-up basics. Yep, while scene transitions and high-powered moves will see the camera shift to make fights more cinematic, the majority of the battle will place on just one plane -- with some teleporting and lighting fast dodging thrown into the mix. The game will launch (on Xbox One) in early 2018 -- though it doesn't appear to be a Microsoft exclusive.

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