Engadget at E3: Making virtual reality accessible for everyone

VR may be the next step in gaming, but it doesn't work for everyone.


    Virtual reality is changing gaming. If it works for you, that is. The technology adds a wearable component to gaming input, and this brings new (occasionally insurmountable) challenges to gamers with disabilities. Amy Kneepkens, head video creator at AbleGamers, joined us onstage at E3 2017 to give us a view into accessibility issues affecting virtual reality.

    While gaming has the wonderful power of escapism, VR unfortunately adds physical barriers: How do we remove those? If it's not the gesture controllers, it might be how camera controllers are typically transplanted to the headset itself. If you can't move your head and neck easily, how are you supposed to look around your virtual world? We explore what game makers need to do make VR work for everyone.

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