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Sharp will reportedly start building OLED TV panels next year

New owner Foxconn may want to compete with LG's OLED technology.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
06.23.17 in AV

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A boy looks at a prototype model of the world's largest 108-inch sized LCD TV, produced by Japan's electronics giant Sharp at Asia's largest electronics trade show CEATEC in Chiba 04 October 2007. AFP/Getty Images

Now that Sharp is under new ownership by Foxconn, it may have big plans for a return to TV prominence. In a move that could explain a sudden push to recover the use of its name from Hisense, the Japanese company apparently has a plan to add OLED TV production lines at one of its plants next year. The Japan Times reports that at a cost of 57.4 billion yen ($515 million US), it could have production operation at two plants in the spring of 2018. While one would work on small and medium screens for phones (like, maybe a new iPhone?) and laptops, the other would focus on TVs, where LG dominates the segment, producing OLED panels for its own TVs as well as other brands.

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