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Samsung Pay finally works with your Discover card

You don't have to give up a favorite card to shop using your phone.

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Samsung Pay was supposed to work with Discover cards in 2016 (it was announced in 2015), but the year came and went without support. And that's no small problem if you like tap-to-pay purchases. While Discover isn't the biggest name in the credit business, it has over 51 million card holders. Thankfully, that conspicuous gap appears to have closed: Samsung phone owners have noticed that Discover support quietly went live in recent days. We've asked both Samsung and Discover for comment, but Samsung hasn't updated its compatibility list as of this writing. Don't be surprised if the two are waiting before making the news official.

It's good news if you're a Discover card owner, as you won't have to be picky about your choice of phone if you want to leave the old-school plastic at home. However, it's also big for Samsung. Both Android Pay and Apple Pay have recognized Discover for a while -- Samsung may not have been in dire straits without those credit cards, but it certainly wasn't helping its chances. Now, it's a relatively level playing field.

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