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The remastered 'StarCraft' arrives in August

Get ready for 4K graphics, enhanced audio and new leaderboards.

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StarCraft's long-overdue facelift will make its debut on August 14th. The remastered version boasts a raft of enhancements including 4K resolution, improved sound and rebooted dialogue, all designed to make the game look a bit more shiny and polished, while essentially remaining exactly the same.

Priced at $15/£13 and available for Windows and Mac, the classic strategy game also features a new matchmaking and leaderboard system, player profiles and the ability to save to the cloud, all while maintaining the same gameplay that's somehow resulted in a two-decade-long fan obsession.

Don't worry, puritans. You'll be pleased to hear it's possible to switch between the original and the remastered game at the touch of a button, while players embracing the makeover can pre-order through the Blizzard Shop to get their hands on three unique building skins for use in the remastered version.

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