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Image credit: Monolith, Warnes Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Import your orcs from 'Shadow of Mordor' into the sequel

The 'Nemesis Forge' will bring your top ally and enemy into 'Shadow of War.'

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Monolith, Warnes Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Your perfect orc enemy (and ally) from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor are coming along for the ride in this fall's sequel, Shadow of War. Mordor has just gotten an update that adds the "Nemesis Forge" to the game that will import your personalized, highest-ranked orc captain and buddy into War once the game comes out October 10th. Now, this isn't automatic. Nor will it simply read your game save and do its trick, so you need to have the old game laying around if you want Grishnak the Red to inhabit War.

Meaning, if you traded Mordor in after beating it two years ago you'll need to buy it again to take advantage of the Nemesis Forge. Or, lucky for you, Warners Bros Interactive has made Mordor free to try this weekend on Steam and Xbox One. And if you dig what you play, the game is 80 percent off on those platforms and PlayStation 4. It's not like you had anything better planned for this weekend anyway.

We've seen variations on this before in Mass Effect and a few other games, sure, but that doesn't make this any less cool. For a look at how lead voice actor Troy Baker's work with Naughty Dog affected how he directed War's cutscenes, check out our interview from E3.

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