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Tile Pro helps you find your stuff from 200 feet away

And both new models are waterproof.

We've held up the Tile as the best Bluetooth-connected fob to keep track of your stuff since its second, refined version launched in 2015, and more recent versions have gotten better and smaller. The latest additions to the lineup released today, Tile Pro, respond from 200 feet away, twice as far as older models -- and both new gadgets are waterproof, too.

The first of the new duo, Tile Sport, has a rugged design and dark slate look, while the Tile Style goes for a satin white finish. Both have holes to loop them in with your keys. The app has been updated to support the Tile Pro series' additional features, like volume control and a couple additional ringtones. Sport and Style retail individually for $35/£30 or in a combo pack for $60/£50 and are available today on Amazon and Tile's online store, as well as at Target and Best Buy in the US and retailers including Argos, John Lewis and Maplin in the UK.

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