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Hulu will soon merge its two iOS apps into one

Both standard and Live TV options will route through it.

Say goodbye to confusing one Hulu app on your iOS device for another. Soon, the streaming service will condense both of them into a single one and phase out the Hulu Live TV app introduced earlier this year when the livestreaming service debuted.

For now, opening the Hulu Live TV app will redirect you to the main Hulu app, which will service both the $40-per-month livestreaming service and the standard $8-per-month Hulu content library. It's unclear when the former will be taken off the App Store for good, but the main app's update log confirmed it will happen:

"Heads up! We are saying goodbye to our Hulu with Live TV app so you can have all your TV in one place. We will soon unify the two Hulu apps currently available in the Apple App Store, Hulu with Live TV and Hulu, into one great on-demand and live TV viewing experience. We will let you know when this happens for good."

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