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Vevo is working on a 'TRL-style' live show

The program is an evolution of its Watch Party app.

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Rob Kim via Getty Images

Vevo's Watch Party app was a weird sell at first. Use it to watch music videos with online friends and C-list artists, and chat with them. Well, that's because we didn't know the end goal for it at the time. Now we do: A Total Request Live-style show. Variety reports that Vevo has been testing the show, dubbed "Vevo Live," over the summer and that a broadcast from last Friday with Fifth Harmony (above) netted some 3 million viewers across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That's in addition to a live studio audience. Put it in Times Square and it all starts sounding a bit familiar, no?

Haven't heard of Fifth Harmony? Well, that's kind of the point for now. Vevo's Erik Huggers said the plan is to start with smaller artists and then work up to headliners. For now, though, that requires more testing. In case you were worried, this won't take over the outfit's focus on music videos, it'll just give viewers another way to watch them. Vevo hasn't announced a schedule or any future broadcasts, but from the sounds of it, Vevo Live isn't going to stop.

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