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Fox readies its VR suite for a key college football matchup

Watch the Spartans take on the Fighting Irish in Fox Sports’ VR app.

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Fox Sports

From Super Bowl 51 to the recent Gold Cup broadcasts, Fox Sports has been ramping up its virtual suite tech to let viewers view big sporting events in virtual reality. Now the broadcaster, in association with fast-food company Wendy's and the sports VR group LiveLike, has plans to offer a similar experience to college football fans as it brings historic rivals Notre Dame and Michigan State to virtual reality on September 23rd at 8:00 PM ET.

Like the past virtual suite offerings, Fox's system will give you the opportunity to view the football action through multiple live, high-resolution camera angles and go back in time to watch your favorite plays again. You can choose the viewpoint yourself, or lean back to watch a director's cut of the live game. New to this broadcast is a 360-degree Skycam look at the action between the Spartans and Fighting Irish, like you're watching the game from the blimp itself. You can connect with up to four of your Facebook friends — or random fans, if you like — to watch the game together in Social VR. Plus, you can check out the pre-game action, halftime events and post-game analysis right in the VR app itself.

The Fox Sports VR app is on iOS, Android, Gear VR (and Oculus), which means all you really need is to pop your smartphone into a headset to get in on this historic football rivalry in virtual reality. Don't want to use VR? You can watch the game on your favorite Fox channel in regular high def.

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