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Fox Sports will broadcast Super Bowl 51 in a 'VR suite'

Live the life of (virtual) luxury this Sunday.

USA Today Sports / Reuters

Sure watching boxing, basketball and tennis in VR are cool, but what about the biggest TV event of the year? Come Sunday, Fox Sports will fix that gap in its lineup by teaming with LiveLike to beam the Super Bowl into your Gear VR or Cardboard headset via the network's app. Or, you can ditch the headsets and use the 360-degree video with your mobile device.

In addition to a half-dozen viewpoints to choose from within the virtual suite Fox will upload what it deems the 20 "most exciting" highlights in near realtime. A statement says that breaks down to four per quarter and highlights from the pre-and-post game coverage.

Unlike streaming the game via Fox Sports Go, however, you'll need a cable subscription to watch on the Fox Sports VR app.