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Google Assistant and IFTTT can close your garage door

'Okay Google, shut the garage door.'

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We haven't gotten to the point of voice-activated vacuum cleaners yet, but closing your garage door with an "Ok Google" has arrived. Garage-door company Chamberlain has announced that its MyQ app will now work with Google Assistant in addition to your Nest camera. Handy! More than issuing a closing command, you can ask if the door is open or if it's closed, too.

Want even more customization? MyQ works with IFTTT now as well. The system can automatically close the garage door when you leave a geofenced area, turn down the thermostat once you leave. Hell, you can even set it up to turn the lights on and thermostat up once you open the garage door upon returning home.

Both of these will cost you, though. If you go month by month, access to Assistant and IFTTT will run $1 a month, or you can get a discount by going yearly for $10.

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