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Google Assistant is coming to more speakers and appliances

"Ok Google, is my laundry done?"

Last May, Google opened up its AI Assistant's software development kit to the wider world of third-party smart devices, including blenders, smart locks and web cameras. At the IFA in Berlin, Google has just announced that even more gadgets will be able to integrate Google Assistant. You'll soon see the digital helper in more speakers, various appliances and home automation systems.

Google Assistant is already part of the Google Home smart speaker, but the company is looking to enable it on various other upcoming devices, like Anker's Zolo Mojo, Mobvoi's TicHome Mini and Panasonic's GA10. Google promises even more speakers as the week progresses, too. Similarly to Amazon's quest to get Alexa on as many non-Amazon devices as possible, Google wants to ensure you can get the "OK Google" experience on as many smart speakers as possible to help tie you into the Assistant's ecosystem.

"Ok Google, is the laundry done?" may soon become your favorite thing to ask, too. Google has also announced partnerships with companies like LG for smarter, voice-controlled washers, dryers and vacuums. You'll make your request via an Assistant-enabled speaker or mobile phone (including an iPhone) and your smart appliance will take it from there. There are also a bunch of home automation systems connecting up with Assistant, including Honeywell, Netatmo and TP-Link. Schedule your sprinklers, turn on your slow cooker on a schedule or dim the lights when you want, all with a simple "Ok Google" command.

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