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Motorola's Moto X4 now works on Google Project Fi

It's the first non-Google phone to join the wireless service.

Google's efforts to disrupt the mobile carrier network have certainly proven popular for people who can feasibly use it, but it's no secret that the rollout of Project Fi has been restricted by the narrow choice of handsets available. Now, the search giant has confirmed rumors that the hyped Motorola Moto X4, with Android One, will be the first non-Google phone to join the club.

The phone boasts a 16MP front-facing camera with a 12MP and 8MP dual system to the rear, ultra-fast charging and the "pure" Android experience, so it's optimized for Google Assistant and Google Duo. It's a relatively high-spec handset which justifies its $400 price tag, but some might argue this puts it at odds with other Android One devices, which generally fall into the budget category. Motorola isn't great with software updates, but with Google onside to take care of patches and security, the Android-powered Moto X4 could breathe some new life into Project Fi and get the ball rolling for similar collaborations with other crowd-pulling phone-makers.

Moto x4

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