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Futuristic racing game 'Lightfield' lands on PS4 and Xbox One

Parkour meets racing with single-player and two multiplayer modes.
Steve Dent, @stevetdent
09.27.17 in AV

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Lost In Garden

If you have a hankering for a different kind of racing game, Lightfield might pique your curiosity. You maneuver around by clinging to objects in a stylized, futuristic environment, with light trails streaming behind you. At any given moment, you can leap off the surface, parkour-style to find the fastest possible line to victory. Visually, it sort of looks like Tron meets Miami Vice, with pastel blue, pink and green colors trailing behind ships.

Players have the option of of three different single-player modes (classic race, exploration mode and time trial). You also get two multiplayer choices: local multiplayer with four-player split-screen and an online mode that lets you find rivals around the world. "The race tracks and environments start out fairly familiar but [get] more and more complex as you progress through the game," studio Lost in the Garden says.

You're free to go anywhere, but obviously there's an ideal racing line that will get you to the finish ahead of others. "It's like wall running with a spaceship, like a hyperfuturistic and omnidirectional version of parkour," Lost in the Garden says. It was originally inspired by Slipstream 5000, but the studio added a distinctly abstract vibe with the architecture and color design. The game is now available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $20 or £16 in the UK.

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