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Amazon is opening a Tokyo pop-up bar to promote booze sales

It will serve drinks not on store shelves yet.

Amazon loves dealing with booze in Japan. In 2016, it launched a free Sommelier service for those who just can't choose which wine to buy. Now, it's opening a pop-up bar in Ginza, Tokyo's high fashion center and home to its ritziest establishments, to promote liquors sold on its local website. The e-retail giant said the 78-seater bar will serve drinks from across the globe, even those not available to the public yet. It will use an ordering system that suggests drinks, though it will also employ wine experts for those who'd prefer to get advice with a human touch.

In the US, Amazon has been crossing over to the brick-and-mortar world by building bookstores, drive-through grocery stores and making huge acquisitions. If a wine bar is more your thing, and you'll be in Japan soon, though, you can visit Amazon's pop up near the Emporio Armani store in Ginza. It will be around for 10 nights (from 5 to 11PM) starting on October 20th.

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