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Smart bakeware tells you when your cheesecake is ready

Your phone will tell you when to check the oven.

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Temperature is everything when you're baking, but it's not all that fun to keep poking your dessert with a thermometer or toothpick to make sure it's truly finished. You might not have to before long: GE Appliances' FirstBuild community has unveiled a Precision Bakeware concept that alerts you through a mobile app when your baked goods reach their ideal temperature. Instead of hanging around the kitchen out of fear that your cheesecake is overdone, you can walk away and finish watching that favorite show.

At the moment, Precision Bakeware only exists as a cake pan, and you'll have to wait until early 2018 before FirstBuild starts selling the range through its website for an as yet unnamed price. The line may soon accommodate more of your culinary ambitions, however. The team hopes to expand the lineup to cover bread, pies and other baked creations. While you probably won't need this if you're a skilled baker, you might appreciate it if your chocolate cake tends to taste like charcoal.

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