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Image credit: Rockstar Games (screenshot taken from 4K trailer)

Preview 'LA Noire' Switch gameplay before next week's launch

Time to play good cop / bad cop.

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Rockstar Games (screenshot taken from 4K trailer)

Excited to try LA Noire on your Switch November 14th? Good, because Rockstar Games has something to help make the wait a little easier: A gameplay trailer of the detective simulator running on Nintendo's hybrid portable/home console. From the looks of it, using touchscreen controls for things like adjusting a cypher or making interrogation choices looks pretty natural, but we'll have to wait until we can actually play it to gauge how they work in the real world. Same goes for motion controls with the Joy-cons.

Speaking of interrogations, those have been tweaked a bit to seem more natural for how you're playing the game. Rather than the previous "truth," "doubt," "lie" options for your interview subjects, now you'll use "good cop," "bad cop" and "accuse." If you were holding out for the HTC Vive version, you'll have to wait just a bit longer. Rockstar recently announced that one is delayed until sometime in December.

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