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Image credit: Lon.TV / Lon Seidman

Plex DVR can now automatically remove commercials

But it'll delete them entirely, so pray it cuts correctly.
Lon.TV / Lon Seidman

Plex, the service that collects media and streaming channels into one application, has been fine-tuning its offerings with new features that have recently improved viewing quality. But its next addition came with little fanfare: Enabling its DVR, which it launched back in June, to automatically remove commercials.

Plex quietly added the feature to its DVR service this weekend, which requires a Plex Pass subscription, in an update with several bug fixes. You'll have to manually enable the commercial-snipping in the DVR settings, but thereafter it will cut the ads out permanently, deleting them from the file itself. Better hope that it correctly flags material or the setting will cut out parts of your show. Also, be aware that "this process may take a long time and cause high CPU usage," according to the feature's description.

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