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Amazon wants Alexa to be your new office assistant

The company plans to put its virtual assistant in the workplace.

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Alexa could soon be coming to work with you. At Amazon's annual re:Invent conference, the company revealed its plans to make the voice-activated virtual assistant office-friendly with an Alexa for Business platform, which will come with specific skills for the workplace.

Initial features are likely to include apps for teleconferences and data organization, as well as enhanced security layers that could authenticate multiple people in one space. Sources say the company is probably going to announce a new marketplace for the Alexa for Business platform, too.

Alexa hit the consumer market three years ago, and now boasts more than 20,000 skills developed by third parties. Giving the platform a business focus will no doubt accelerate development even further. Here's hoping someone creates an app that'll make the dreaded office printer easier to wrangle.

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