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Thai company mu Space can now operate satellites

It aims to provide broadband internet to Thailand's rural population.
NASA NASA / Reuters

Today, Thai startup company mu Space announced that it has acquired a satellite license from Thailand's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission. It allows the company to operate satellites, and provide services based on those satellites, through the year 2032. mu Space is the first Thai startup company to acquire such a license.

We previously covered mu Space because it was the third company (and first Asia-Pacific company) to book a slot on Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket. Blue Origin is Jeff Bezos' rocket company, and the New Glenn is still under development. This license means that mu Space has crossed another regulatory hurdle in its quest to get the brand new company up and running.

Only 12 percent of Thailand's population has access to broadband internet, and those people are typically centered in space. mu Space hopes to fill in the gaps by providing an alternative in rural areas, where traditional telecom companies haven't bothered to build infrastructure. The company also hopes to provide space tourism to Asian customers within the next 10 years.

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