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The Morning After: Wednesday, December 20th 2017

EU puts the clamps on Uber.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

What's the connection between chocolate and tech? If you don't know yet, we can answer that for you, as well as provide some impressions of Google's latest smart speaker and a new hybrid from Honda.

Does the company provide rides or just information?EU decides to treat Uber like a taxi company

Europe's highest court has ruled that Uber is a transportation company and not some kind of middleman between passengers and drivers, like it has often claimed. The much-anticipated decision opens the door for member nations to impose stricter regulations on the company, especially where it operates the UberPOP service with non-professional drivers.

No other smart speaker sounds this good.Google Home Max review: an assistant for music lovers

Google upgrades the sound quality for its latest smart speaker. The Google Home Max is expensive, but you get a lot for your money. If you want great audio and don't want to mess around with more complicated speaker setups, the Home Max is a solid option -- with all those Google Assistant smarts.

Its lane-keeping skills need work, though.Honda's Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is a luxury car at a bargain price

The Honda Clarity line is now complete. After introducing the lease-only pure EV back in July, the Plug-In Hybrid and Fuel Cell models are here; Roberto Baldwin got to test-drive both and came away impressed. While the Clarity vehicles look identical, their inner workings are different enough that it's like driving three different cars.

Even though Google... sells... adsChrome starts blocking annoying ads on February 15th

In June, Google announced Chrome would get a blocker to filter out ads that blare loud music or hide the webpage, and now the feature has a launch date. We're about two months away from finding out how some skeevier parts of the ad industry respond to this change.

Can we learn to get along with our robotic pals of tomorrow?This year we took small, important steps toward the Singularity

Artificially intelligent robots already walk, roll and occasionally backflip among us. They're on our streets and in our stores. AI is adopting physical form to multiply the capabilities of the humans it serves. As robots gain ubiquity, friction between these bolt buckets and we meat sacks is sure to cause issues. So how do we ensure that the increasingly intelligent machines we design share our ethical values while minimizing human-robot conflict? Warning: may contain science-fiction references.

Check the fine print.Proposed net neutrality bill would ban blocking and throttling

The FCC only just decided to undo Title II net neutrality protections; however with a court battle over the move still pending, Congress is considering its next step. Republican Representative Marsha Blackburn has introduced a net neutrality bill that would contain language banning ISPs from blocking and throttling, but it is largely similar to the FCC's new rules.

The president of the Free Press Action Fund called it fake net neutrality and said: "This cynical attempt to offer something the tiniest bit better than what the FCC did and pretend it's a compromise is an insult to the millions who are calling on Congress to restore real net neutrality."

A future X-plane.NASA will take images of its quiet supersonic jet's shockwaves

The photo above was captured during NASA's latest round of tests wherein a US Air Force Test Pilot School T-38 aircraft traveled in supersonic speeds between the cameras and the sun at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

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