Mophie's latest portable battery can charge your laptop

So long as it doesn't drain more than 100W of power.

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If you've bought a smartphone in a carrier storefront, chances are you've been tempted to pick up a Mophie external battery. The brand has a range of power sources and wireless phone-charging cases, but they've previously been limited to the low voltage of devices. But no longer: The company's new product, the powerstation AC, is a $200 VHS tape-sized power brick that can charge laptops.

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The powerstation can recharge anything that typically needs to be plugged into a wall outlet thanks to its GFCI-protected 100W/110V port. With 22,000 mWh of stored juice, Mophie's site claims that its brick can provide through its USB-A outlet 100 hours of extra smartphone energy or just over 20 hours for a large tablet through. Plugging an appropriate laptop (aka those that draw only 30W, like new MacBooks and MacBook Pros) into the powerstation's USB-C port will provide nearly 15 hours of power to those machines.

Heftier laptops that draw 90W will drain the whole Mophie brick in an hour, however. And if your charger draws more than 100W of power (like, say, the Dell charger I'm using right now), you won't be able to recharge it with the powerstation at all. But yes, so long as your charging cables don't draw over the brick's 100W cap, you can charge multiple devices at once. Devices will 'charge through' the powerstation if it's plugged into the wall, which Mophie's accessory will power first before recharging itself. If these restrictions don't hinder your device style, the powerstation AC could help your wandering gadgeteer lifestyle.

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