FCC releases the text of its order to undo net neutrality

Prepare yourself for 539 pages of Title II-killing excitement.

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A few weeks after the FCC voted to undo Title II protections for net neutrality, it has released the final text of its "Restoring Internet Freedom Order." That includes the contained arguments for why chairman Ajit Pai and two other commissioners believe the existing rules were harmful and absolutely must go, as well as dissenting opinions from commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel. Among the items addressed, it includes a note claiming that "identical or nearly-identical non-substantive comments
that simply convey support or opposition" did not impact the commission

If you've been paying attention to the debate then you'll be familiar with the various sides, but the 539-page document's release sets the stage for the next step: hearings, lawsuits, attempts by states and cities to establish their own rules, and attempts by Congress to firm up the rules in one way or another. Chairman Pai won't speak at CES next week, reportedly due to death threats, so if you'd like more information on why he pushed through such an unpopular decision, then for now this is the only way.